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Understanding social media and how it can be used to market your products

Understanding social media and how it can be used to market your products

Social Media, one of the most prevalent and well known uses of the internet. As of March 18th 2019 we have approximately 25,294,005 people within the Australian population. With 15 million people in Australia using Facebook monthly that’s close to 60% of Australia on Facebook… That’s nuts!!

If you think about this from a marketing perspective that is a potential audience of 15 million people who could see the product or service you market. Whether it be in banners or on news feeds and that is just Facebook.

While this number is great… Unfortunately you are not going to reach every person on the platform and really why would you want to? Marketing through social media can become very expensive if you do not advertise your product to the right audience.

Ideally you want to advertise directly to your target audience and from there expand your reach to like minded people. This way your CTR (click through rate) leads to more sales and doesn’t just lead to higher expenditure for your company with no overall gain.


Let’s use Facebook advertisement as an example. When creating a paid advertisement you have the option of choosing your target demographics based off of age and the pages they visit. This allows you to target specific people which are more likely to be interested in your product rather than those who just would ignore it… If you sell alcohol you there would be no point in advertising it to underage individuals.

However when you look at another social media site for example Instagram. They use a completely different method of demographic targeting through the use of hashtags. If you were to go on Instagram right now and look at your feed you will see all the different tags people use.

While some of these seem to make no sense… such as ‘#betyouneversawthiscoming’ you will see a lot of different tags which relate to that brand or the products they are trying to sell.

Using this method of marketing allows for you to reach a large number of potential customers or clients. It is important though that you make sure that you are reaching the right ones.

Without identifying and targeting your audience first you will end up needlessly wasting money and time while not getting the results you want.

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  1. Paul Monje (s3658677) on 23/03/2019 at 8:30 AM

    You’re totally right! The reach these mediums have is unbelievable in 2019, and learning how to harness them is a must for a company to market properly.

  2. Jessica Edwards on 03/06/2019 at 6:44 AM

    Totally agree with you! The reach that social media provides brands is incredible but brands need to learn how to effectively attract and target their audience to turn viewers into consumers.

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