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The Six Principles of Digital Advertising

What is it that attracts you to an online advertisement? Is it entertaining? Do they use images? Is it because you recognise the brand? Digital marketing is more than just paying for ads and putting a post on social media. It is about connecting with your customer and getting the most pipeline intake as possible from the get-go. Today we look at the six key principles of digital marketing to help you get ahead of the field. 

1. Marketers must be sensitive to customer concerns about privacy (opt-in) 

Whilst it is essential to understand the needs of our prospects in order to solve their problems with our product. It is our legal obligation to protect their needs as an individual with a right to privacy. Unscrupulously adding everyone who clicks your link into an advertising campaign without their consent, or blasting any leads who have shared their details without their “opt-in”, will see your organisation not only faced with poor brand equity and declining trust in the market – it will see you facing legal consequences! 

2. Consumers are more likely to be receptive to digital ads from brands they trust 

As a marketer, it is your job to advertise your products and start the sales process with your prospects while also maintaining a connection with your current customer base. One of the best ways to sell a new product is to advertise it to your current customers. These people are brand loyal and are more likely to take a risk with new products which your brand creates. Not only does this act as a measuring tool for the success of your product but it also allows you to then expand your campaign with more confidence about your products predicted success in the market. 

3. Consumers engage with digital ads for products that are relevant to them 

Your consumers are not going to be interested in a product you advertise if they are never going to use it or does not solve a problem they have. As a marketer, it may be your job to give your prospects the solution to a problem but that solution is pointless to people who already have the problem solved or are not affected by it. These people are more likely to ignore your promotions in the future as they build a preconceived notion that your products are not going to be able to help them.   

4. Digital approaches that incorporate interactivity are more likely to be effective  

Promoting interactivity in your digital advertising is a great way to make your campaign both memorable and more personal for those engaging with it. 

Look at Verizon’s Star Wars campaign, when ‘The Force Awakens’ was released millions of people were waiting to see the movie and years of predictions had been made. Through getting their viewers to respond and make a commitment of time Verizon gained a massive amount publicity as people were interested in the campaign and the theories that people presented. 

5. Advertising messages that are entertaining have a higher chance of success in the digital context  

What makes an advertisement memorable? Is it the hidden messaging? The humour? The colour palate? People want to be entertained, be shown something new and innovative. This can be done through utilising people’s emotions to make your advertisements both memorable and satisfying to watch. Through entertaining people, you will also increase your reach as people share your content amongst their own networks of people which will also help your organisation to build brand loyalty. 

6. In the long run, new media messages need to help brands to be effective in the market 

If you have never heard of Seth Godin’s purple cow theory, then I highly recommend you look it up. In a world where people are repeatedly marketing the same messages to their prospects. Advertisements as a whole have begun to feel old and forgettable. Through changing your message to something new and innovative not only will it be memorable, but it will also help your organisation to float above the sea of monotonous advertisements that plague every marketplace today. 




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  1. Jessica Edwards on 03/06/2019 at 7:01 AM

    very interesting! Thanks for the recommendation of the Purple Cow will definitely give it a read, sounds like it has a lot of useful information that’s helpful for marketing.

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