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Let’s face it, we know the sales industry can be challenging! Handling objections, getting past gatekeepers, fear of calling….rejection. This week Steve Nudelberg joins the podcast to discuss his sales rules for sales success, how we can overcome our fears and increase our abilities as sales professionals.

Steve is a not just as sales trainer…he is a ‘Sales Doer’. Having spent over 40 years as a leader in the sales industry and authoring ‘Confessions of a Serial Salesman’, Steve is highly regarded as an expert in his field – he knows what works and what doesn’t. Sharing with us the Sales Rules for Sales Success, Steve helps us increase our abilities and become better at what we love, SALES.

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[01:45] – Steve explains his journey into sales

[05:00] – Fear of change

[08:10] – What you can do to overcome fear

[10:20] – The effects Steve’s sales perspective has had on his son’s sporting career

[15:50] – The ‘50 Cups of Coffee Principle’

[20:50] – Closing happens earlier in the sales process than you think

[24:00] – The importance of having a personal brand

[27:30] – Taking online contacts offline

[30:30] – The Paul Revere rule

[33:15] – The key rules critical to driving the habits and behaviours of high performers

[42:12] – Biggest influence in Steve’s career

[44:30] – One thing Steve would do differently

[46:05] – Where you can find Steve

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