Generational Selling: How to sell your personas

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This week we welcome the sensational Anna Liotta to the Sales IQ Podcast. Anna is an expert in generational dynamics of the business world and how an understanding of these dynamics can impact relationships with your customers and help with generational selling. This understanding comes from 20 years of research and consulting with clients ranging from Amazon to the NBA.

Tune in and think about how you can implementing key takeaways into your conversations so you can sell more to the different generations you engage with.

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[03:00] – Anna explains how she got into sales and how being 1 of 19 children (WOW) affected her career 

[11:30] – Differences between the current and previous generations 

[13:20] – Generations in the workplace

[16:30] – Biggest blind spots across generations

[21:40] – Behavioural styles of different generations

[23:30] – Maximise your opportunities by selling to the generations

[26:50] – You would not believe the most difficult generation in sales

[32:50] – How you can use your knowledge of different generations to help build better personas and engagement

[41:00] – The code each generation follows in the sales industry

[44:30] – Biggest influence in Anna’s career

[46:00] – Sales: A science or an art?

[47:50] – What you should do immediately after listening to this

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