A guide to buyer enablement

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This week we welcome Kevin Dixon to the podcast. Kevin is the founder of ‘Boxxstep.’ A brilliant software that adds a buyer-centric approach to your CRM. In this episode Kevin and Luigi have an in depth discussion about buyer enablement and the points in the sales industry which could be improved upon.

There is a ton of advice and sales tips for you to take in this episode so I recommend you have your notepad at the ready.

Where you can find Kevin:

  • https://www.boxxstep.com
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevindixonuk/
  • Email: Kevin@boxxstep.com



[03:10] – How Kevin got into sales

[06:20] – Kevin’s motivation for starting Boxxstep

[08:20] – The difference that adding more people into the decision making process has when trying to make a sale.

[09:50] – Kevin’s definition of buyer enablement

[12:30] – Luigi’s and Kevin discuss some current issues within the sales industry

[16:30] – Kevin and Luigi have an in depth discussion on buyers enablement

[20:50] – The importance of being a professional in the sales industry

[22:40] – The way that sales has changed over the last 30 years

[26:10]– How you can focus on buyer enablement if your manager is only focused on the results.

[30:40] – Tips for becoming a better salesperson and leader

[37:30] – The biggest influence in Kevin’s career


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